Trouble on the set of “Empire!” If the new trailer for season 2 looks crazy it’s for good reason. A reliable source tells GarywithdaTea that fists really did fly while filming the second season.

In a catch fade that rivals the ones penned by “Empire” creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, sovaldi sale sources tell GarywithdaTea actors Terrence Howard and Bryshere Gray came to blows on set after things took an ugly turn during a scene.

“Yazz (Gray) did a scene with Terrence Howard where he was supposed to hit him with a plastic bottle, treatment but he hit him with a real bottle… and cut him for real!” the source tells GarywithdaTea. “Terrence hauled off and punched him in the face. You know Terrence is crazy and something was bound to pop off with this show.”

Gray goes by the nickname Yazz, cialis and our source tells us he’s actually suffering from bipolar disorder — ironic considering the struggles we see Trai Byers character Andre dealing with on the show.

“Yazz is bipolar, but he won’t take his meds,” the source tells GarywithdaTea. “Terrence felt he did it on purpose, but everybody else is blaming it on the bipolar disorder.”

Wow… This is something else. We really hope Gray and Howard work out their issues and that everyone gets the help they need.

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