Samira Wiley Snubs Raven-Symoné
Samira Wiley Snubs Raven-Symoné

Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley snubs actress Raven-Symoné after Raven tries to horn in on Samira's dinner date…

From NY Confidential

“Samira was sitting at the bar not far from the entrance and Raven, who showed up with no reservation, saw her and tried to make friends with her group," says our spy. “Raven had been talking to the hostess, who had no table for her, so she tried to sit with Samira. Raven just couldn’t get a table.”

Our amused spywitness says that Raven tried for some time to “befriend” Wiley, saying, “We should all sit together,” before Wiley shut her down, gesturing to the hostess to seat Raven and her group elsewhere.

“When the reservationist tried to move things around to seat them next to each other, Samira shook her head and made a ‘no’ motion that was very clear to the hostess. Raven didn’t sit with her or get a table,” says our source. “She left with her three friends without eating.”

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