Meet The Pregnant Woman Accusing Future Of Trying To Get Her Killed
Meet The Pregnant Woman Accusing Future Of Trying To Get Her Killed

Eliza Reign is a model who recently announced she’s pregnant with Future‘s sixth child. Yes, that’s messy, but it gets worse. According to Eliza, the super fertile rapper is trying to get her killed for not terminating the alleged pregnancy!


The serious and shocking allegations were made on Instagram, and here’s a bit of what Eliza Reign wrote:

“NO LIE, RIGHT HAND ON THE BIBLE, shortly after that day, I got a call from someone telling me to be careful ‘I heard Future want your head. They even told me the amount. And maybe this is some legal trouble behind it but I’m not letting no one’s legal team make me silent while they threaten my existence and my unborn child. It’s sad to think that a person that I laid up with for years would put a price tag/ value on my death and the death of their unborn child. I haven’t stopped crying! I AM IN TOTAL SHOCK. SCARED FOR MYSELF, MY UNBORN CHILD, AND MY FAMILY! Never thought that a person with 5 baby mamas would want the 6th one dead. It’s truly heartbreaking!!! It seems the best way to protect myself at this point is to bring this situation to light to hopefully make him back off.”

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The post was removed by Instagram for violating Community Guidelines for harassment or bullying. But do you think Future would actually try to kill a woman for having his baby since he already has so many children?

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