Why Was Whoopi Goldberg At Chris Rock’s Bachelor Party In ‘Top Five’? [VIDEO]
Why Was Whoopi Goldberg At Chris Rock’s Bachelor Party In ‘Top Five’? [VIDEO]

Chris Rock’s latest film “Top Five” boasts a star-studded lineup of your favorite actors and comedians — we’re talking Whoopi Goldberg, medical Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union to name a few.

Rock’s character Andre Allen finds himself questioning his engagement to his reality TV star fiance Erica Long (Gabrielle Union) after falling in love with a writer who goes home with him during the holidays. In the scene above, Rock’s character, Allen is at his bachelor party, chopping it up with friend, Whoopi Goldberg, who plays herself. She gives Allen advice much-needed advice before he marries Gabrielle Union’s character Eric Long the next day. Whoopi tells Allen to be “into the girl” and not into the wedding. And when you go see this movie, you’ll be surprised to find out just what Allen is “into!”

While “Top Five” promises non-stop laughs (Cedric The Entertainer plays a pimp-like character who sips “syrup”), it’s also packed with moments that make you reflect on your own love life.

View the clip below...

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