Magic Warns EJ to Stay Away From Reality TV
Magic Warns EJ to Stay Away From Reality TV

Reality show offers are pouring in for Magic Johnson's openly gay son EJ, but Magic is warning him against the idea...

From The National Enquirer

Basketball legend Magic Johnson and his wife are urging their openly gay son to just say “no” to reality TV!

Earvin Johnson III, known as EJ, has been swamped with TV offers since coming out of the closet, sources say. But his parents fear he’ll be made to look foolish or, even worse, become the target of death threats.

“Magic and (his wife) Cookie say they’re very proud of EJ, but they’re also realistic,” said a family friend.

“They know there are folks out there who still hate gay people, and it would break their hearts to hear their son got attacked or even injured just for being himself.”

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