Ja Rule Says he Cooked His Own Food in Federal Prison
Ja Rule Says he Cooked His Own Food in Federal Prison

Really, no rx prisoners have an option of forgoing the chow line and cooking their own food.

At least inmates inside of New York’s Ray Brook Federal Prison in Saranac Lake had a choice, recipe according to previous resident Ja Rule.

The rapper, born Jeffrey Atkins, was sent there earlier this year for attempted illegal gun possession and tax evasion. He told TMZ that he opted to cook his own meals during his two-year sentence because he hated the cafeteria food.

“It’s not too good… I didn’t really eat prison food. I didn’t go to the chow hall too much… We usually just cooked in our dorm,” he said. “In jail it’s pretty crafty, so we made everything, we made lasagna, you know cheesecakes, we ate a lot of fish, a lot of salmon, and stuff like that.”
“Is that why he was so THICK?”

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