How much did Mimi Faust make for her ‘Sex Tape’?
How much did Mimi Faust make for her ‘Sex Tape’?

Mimi Faust shocked many with her publicity stunt in the form of a raunchy home video with her beau Nikko, online pilule but those in the know were already aware that Mimi was desperate to have an exciting storyline for the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” that she was willing to do just about anything.

But the move was also about money too. Sources close to the reality star insist that she and Nikko were hoping they would make a fortune from the tape, mind kind of how Kim Kardashian was able to do with her tape with Ray J. However, pharm insiders are saying the couple wasn’t offered much upfront from Vivid Entertainment because the company didn’t even know who they were when they approached them.

Hollywood Life reports:

“Have you every heard of Mimi Faust before her porn dropped? Exactly!” the source tells us. “Mimi is trying to make a name for herself and become relevant. She’s riding this new wave of fame until it ends.”

Just how much exactly did Mimi make?

“She did it for the money and from what I’m hearing she cashed in about 100 racks.”




Mimi reportedly got $100,000 for the video, but we recall that Kim Kardashian got at least $500,000 upfront for hers and her mom Kris Jenner reportedly had to jump through hoops to secure residuals in the deal. Apparently Vivid doesn’t usually offer folks residuals. So it’s hard to imagine that Mimi and Nikko are getting paid per sell like Kim is since they were virtually unknown when they inked the deal.

But if you look at Mimi’s Twitter feed, you’ll see she’s quite proud of herself regardless.

Since we’re not sure if this amount is even correct, we’re labeling it as gossip for now.

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