Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Claims Nick Gordon Drugged Her With ‘Toxic Cocktail’
Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Claims Nick Gordon Drugged Her With ‘Toxic Cocktail’

Bobbi Kristina’s estate claims that Nick Gordon is directly responsible for her death in a newly revealed lawsuit.

Details of a million wrongful death lawsuit that Bobbi’s estate attorney filed against Nick have just been revealed, sick and it is nasty. reports that the attorney has pegged Nick with some pretty serious allegations that would imply he killed Bobbi.

We all know that Bobbi was found unconscious face down in her bathtub back in January, store but the details leading up to the incident have been dispute since then.

According to court documents, troche the incident took place when Gordon came home early on January 31 after a night of drinking and doing cocaine. He blew up after seeing footage from a security camera; there’s no word on what he saw specifically, but it’s been reported that he immediately began to accuse Bobbi of cheating on him while leveling some really vulgar labels at her.

Their argument continued throughout several rooms in Bobbi’s home, and the suit states that he gave her a “toxic cocktail” that knocked her out during that confrontation. Allegedly, Gordon then placed an unconscious Bobbi face down in a tub of cold water and left her there.

The attorney claims that Gordon got in bed after that and rested against an unidentified female guest, stating, “Now I want a pretty little white girl like you.” The public knew that there was another man in the house during the incident named Max Lomas, but this may be the first time that there has been any mention of another woman being in the house at that time.

Lomas found Bobbi about 15 minutes later. Court documents speculate that Bobbi had been injured at some point because one of her teeth was loose when she was hauled out of the bath tub.

Gordon insists that he didn’t kill Bobbi and denied drugging her.

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