‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Denies Rumor That He’s Gay
‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Denies Rumor That He’s Gay

“I’m not even gay doe, tadalafil ” Bryshere tweeted on social media platform Twitter.com yesterday. Where have I heard that line before? I can name a dozen gay celebrities who consistently deny their homosexuality publicly. By the way, congratulations to director Tyler Perry who Christened his son in a custom built church in his back yard on Sunday.

While Bryshere’s TV brother, Smollet, has not denied his homosexuality, he hasn’t exactly embraced it either. Like most cowards who hide behind their closet doors, Smollet lives vicariously through his TV character, Jamal Lyons.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Smollet talked about receiving letters from gay kids who can relate to his gay TV character — but not to him.

What better time than now to come out of the closet and stop living a lie — when the support for LGBT is at an all-time high?

While Smollet talks tough about his scene in ‘Empire’ in which he stands up to gun-toting thugs like “a gay Tupac,” he personally is too cowardly to stand before his fans and admit he is a homosexual.

I have never met a gay man outside of a gay club who didn’t initially deny his homosexuality — even though he knew I was a lesbian. The pervasive dishonesty of “down low” men in the gay community is at the root of homophobia in the black community.

Black women are dying of AIDS at an alarming rate because black men like Bryshere Gray and Jussie Smollet can’t be honest with themselves.


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