Spelman Students React to Nelly’s Recent Rant About 2004 Boycott
Spelman Students React to Nelly’s Recent Rant About 2004 Boycott

Now Nelly should’ve known the female students of the historically Black College, cialis Spelman, medical was not going out like that!

You may recall the EURweb story recently that spoke of how the rapper wanted to “kick somebody’s ass” over the 2004 boycott of a fundraising event due to his Tip Drill video. The fundraiser was on behalf of Nelly’s sister, Jacqueline Donahue, who later lost her battle with leukemia. The rapper unleashed his fury over the matter in a radio interview; saying the action of these women “robbed me of an opportunity.” The rapper felt a possible donor match for his sister may have changed their mind and decided against attending that day.

According to HuffPost Black Voices, on Monday, former students of the Spelman Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) had their say.

Asha Jennings, a former member of FMLA, said the women hoped Nelly could look beyond his personal situation to understand the broader message that his video, “Tip Drill” was projecting to the community by objectifying women.

“We are a historically black, all women’s institution,” Jennings told HuffPost Live host, Marc Lamont Hill. “If there’s anybody that has an obligation to young black girls in the community, it’s us.”

Jennings clarified the rapper’s implication that the bone marrow drive did not take place because of their protest, saying it was delayed after Nelly pulled his funding.

“Our important message was to show the African-American community we shouldn’t have to choose between these issues,” she said. “They are all equally as important, we can do both. And so we fought, tooth and nail in order to, before I graduated in May of 2004, put on our own bone marrow drive.”

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