what is the difference between ausgrid and transgrid

endobj The network operates primarily at voltage levels of 500 kV, 330 kV, 220 kV and 132 kV. AVP and Transgrid have already commenced engagement with a number of Traditional Owner groups and other key regional stakeholders, including councils and community groups through the RIT-T process to build understanding of unique, local issues. Learn moreabout this change. We have also received a response to the report from the community members of the It is mainly responsible for maintaining the network of poles, wires and stations that make it possible for electricity to reach your home. According to the Ausgrid website, over four million Aussies rely on their energy from this network. <> The statutory obligations relevant to network operators and our role as the regulator are governed by a number of regulatory instruments. We have started engaging with stakeholders including local governments, Traditional Owner groups and community representatives on a range of local factors related to the project, including the location of the terminal station for the VNI West connection to WRL. This is why we are taking this step of consulting with potentially impacted communities so we can be confident we understand all the local factors before making any decision. News and analysis for the clean energy economy. Explain to stakeholders the basis on which the preferred option has been selected. We are responsible for reading your meter and sending the data to your electricity retailer. If you lose power, the first thing you should do is use your mobile to look at the Ausgrid website and check whether they are already aware of the issue. Implementing our Reconciliation Action Plan contributes to creating a more equitable future. endstream We operate and manage the high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT. Integrating sustainability principles across our operations helps to protect our communities. Due to these timeframes, and the long lead times of transmission projects, AEMO Victorian Planning (AVP) and Transgrid (the network planner in New South Wales) are progressing a joint RIT-T for VNI West, and endeavouring to complete this process in early 2023. Electronic accumulation meters have a digital display. linkedin. A dependable partner to millions of Australians, were the backbone that energy suppliers rely on. instagram endobj VNI will help lower the cost of wholesale electricity across the National Electricity Market. The PACR, including responses to feedback received, will be published in 2023. endobj These are products from a referral partner. In response, AVP and Transgrid are investigating alternative locations in the Waubra/Lexton or Bulgana areas for connection of VNI West, which would still run via a terminal station in the area of Kerang. Any faulty or fallen powerlines spotted on the central-east coast of NSW should also be raised with Ausgrid. If you are looking to organise a new power connection, the first thing you will need to do is ensure the property is situated within the Ausgrid network. AusNet has prioritised reaching out to landholders between Mount Prospect and Bulgana, who may potentially host the WRL infrastructure, and those surrounding landholders who may potentially be impacted by any changes. As always, check all details of any plan directly with the retailer before making a purchase decision. - Ausgrid was partially leased (50.4%) to private operators in December 2016, and Victoria New South Wales Interconnector (VNI West), is a proposed new high-capacity 500 kilovolt (kV) double-circuit overhead transmission line, providing a connection between the Western Renewables Link in Victoria and Project EnergyConnect in New South Wales. Since December 2016, the Ausgrid network has been owned in joint partnership by the New South Wales Government, Australian Super and IFM Investors. A six week period of public feedback followed the PADR publication, which closed on 9 September 2022. Reliability and performance licence conditions, Transmission reliability and performance standard. The proposed expansion will address transmission network limitations. On Thursday, the Australian Government, announced that neither State Grid of China nor Cheung Kong Infrastructure would be allowed to bid for the 50.4 per cent of Ausgrid that the State Govt of NSW is selling unless they could address certain concerns. 11 0 obj However, having paid our $50 to get a copy of the AERs filing of 24 March, we now think they may have more of a chance. Read more about .`, Ausgrid owns most meters connected to our network. A consortium paid $10.4bn for 100% of Transgrid last year representing 1.6 X EV:RAB and FY15 EV:Ebitda of 16X. endobj 14 0 obj Ausgrid has received numerous complaints and requests for better stakeholder management and consultation of the local community. Our database may not cover all deals in your area. This comparison assumes general energy usage of 3900kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff. endobj This will include extensive community and stakeholder consultation. Transgrid is the manager and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission network in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Australia, and is part of the National Electricity Market (NEM). This consultation will provide a number of different opportunities for community members to provide feedback in addition to our regular engagement with councils, governments, consumer representatives and industry. - Endeavour Energy was partially leased (50.4%) to private operators in June 2017. <> To best find out what tariff you should sign up to, you may need to visit Ausgrids Network Prices page. Targeted interconnector expansion between these . In 2015, the Government announced that Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, and Transgrid would be fully or partially leased to private operators: - Transgrid was fully leased to private operators in December 2015 Automation systems enable us to exert control in any part of the network and to enable communication between substations or switching stations and our control centre. Thats why in this article, we are going to explain what Ausgrid does and when you may need to contact the company. This information may have changed over time. Transmission projects have long lead-times that require extensive community engagement, planning and construction activities. <> Its fair to say, in our view, that CKIs Australian assets have been the most efficiently run in the NEM, as judged by the AER. AusNet has and continues to investigate project alternatives as part of the EES. A community engagement event schedule will be published on our website and other channels in the new year. Strengthening the grid to deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy to customers. We are responsible for reading your meter and sending the data to your electricity retailer. Once you are connected, all that is left to do is choose an electricity provider. The interconnector upgrade will boost interstate power flows and lower energy bills. The safety and welfare of our people, delivery partners, and the broader community is our highest priority. It is important to note that Ausgrid does not generate electricity for you to use, nor is it involved in customer billing. We engage with the public to safely manage works that take place near our assets. For information and updates on the VNI West RIT-T, please visit AEMO's VNI West RIT-T project page. In the National Energy Market, our operations are governed by a number of institutions. The difference per year between what Ausgrid wanted going forward (green line) and what the AER allowed (purple line). It is the first of a three stage RIT-T process. Canstar Blue's website terms and conditions apply. This ensures electricity is safely and reliably transmitted to major urban areas. 4 0 obj Major decisions, such as the location of the VNI West connection to WRL, consider engineering and economic factors. We previously noted that Ausgrid and the other NSW electricity distribution businesses are regarded as the least efficient in the NEM. In October 2022, the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments jointly announced support, through the Commonwealth Governments Rewiring the Nation plan, for this project to be built by 2028. If the location of the proposed VNI West connection to WRL changes, it is unlikely to significantly alter the proposed WRL route, although would require uprating the proposed WRL transmission line to 500kV east of the connection point to accommodate the additional volume of renewable generation that would be harnessed from VNI West. The appeal grounds around the appropriate cost of debt are much more legal, and in part, turn on whether the ACT was even entitled to consider the matter and whether the appropriate benchmark entity is a regulated utility or an unregulated entity. Integrating sustainability principles across our operations helps to protect our communities. This engagement will provide opportunities for all stakeholders to provide feedback and insights in relation to the potential alternative locations for the terminal station. The RIT-T is a formal consultation process designed to: The RIT-T consultation process has three stages: Submissions on theProject Specification Consultation Reportclosed on 13 March 2020. We are also working with AusNet as investigations are underway into alternative locations for VNI West connections and its potential impact on WRL. Concerned? [5], In 2018, Transgrid was among 17 energy businesses that supported the launch of the Energy Charter, a global initiative aimed at bringing together all parts of the power supply chain to give customers more affordable and reliable energy. In this event, the most recent standard shall prevail. <> Australia is undergoing a once-in-a-generation change towards a net-zero emission future. In their feedback, several stakeholders questioned the location of the connection point to the Western Renewables Link (WRL) in Victoria. Licence granted to the Endeavour Energy Network Operator Partnership, Licence - to be read in conjunction with below variation. New smart meters are supplied and installed by your retailers appointed provider, any questions surrounding your smart meter should be directed to your retailer. The assets are worth more to foreign buyers because: Overseas buyers have a lower cost of capital; Most utility infrastructure is structured as a combination trust/company (stapled security). By leading the transition to a clean energy future, we aim to make a better power system for Australians. If you would like to learn more, independent consultants GHD and Stantec have finalised The HumeLink Project - Underground report. [2] Initial bidding was won by a consortium of State Grid Corporation of China and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings. VNI West will harness cleaner, cheaper electricity from existing and future renewable energy zones in New South Wales and Victoria, significantly boosting the ability to share energy between states and unlock the full potential of Snowy 2.0s deep energy storage. Transgrid and AVP are considering the feedback received as part of developing the Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR). The RIT-T assessment decision is expected in 2023. Here are the energy distributors in NSW. Ausgrid revised regulatory proposal - Attachment 9.02 5 the types of transmission system assets that are directly attributable to each category of prescribed transmission services; and those parts of a proposed transmission pricing methodology, or the information accompanying it that will not be publicly disclosed without the consent of the TNSP. To us the AER is saying the Tribunal complained about using econometric data just because it was econometric data, and the Tribunal wants the AER to use bottom up Ausgrid costs but is not entitled to so order and in any event didnt provide enough guidance to enable that to be done. Transgrid and AEMO Victorian Planning (AVP) have today published the Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) for the Victoria New South Wales Interconnector (VNI) West project as part of the Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T) process. Ausgrid's real revenues increased 150% between 2005 and 2012 and increased 66% between 2010 and 2013. We engage with the public to safely manage works that take place near our assets. This comparison assumes general energy usage of 3900kWh/year for a residential customer on a single rate tariff. Refer to the product fact sheet (or relevant similar documentation) before making any purchase decision. Electricity Commission of New South Wales, "$10.3 billion NSW power sale a good deal for the Baird government", The State Grid Corporation of China: Its Australian engagement and military links, "AGL, Energy Australia, Origin join charter to cut power prices", "TransGrid welcomes Omers to its ownership group", https://www.transgrid.com.au/media/dn5oq3j3/modern-slavery-statement.pdf, "Brett Redman appointed as Transgrid Chief Executive Officer", Transgrid Begins Renewable Energy Zone work in NSW, EnergyAustralia (state government enterprise), Sydney County Council (Sydney Electricity), List of power stations in New South Wales, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=TransGrid&oldid=1093372475, Electric power transmission system operators in Australia, Former government-owned companies of New South Wales, Caisse de dpt et placement du Qubec companies, Sovereign wealth fund portfolio companies, All articles with bare URLs for citations, Articles with bare URLs for citations from March 2022, Articles with PDF format bare URLs for citations, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, New England County Council (New England Electricity), North West County Council (North West Electricity), Northern Riverina County Council (Northern Riverina Electricity), Northern Rivers County Council (Northern Rivers Electricity), Peel-Cunningham County Council (PCCC Electricity), Shortland County Council (Shortland Electricity), Southern Mitchell County Council (Southern Mitchell Electricity), Southern Riverina County Council (Southern Riverina Electricity), Southern Tablelands County Council (Southern Tablelands Electricity), This page was last edited on 16 June 2022, at 05:42. 10 0 obj Transmission reliability and performance standard -applicable from 1 July 2018. EnergyConnect is a critical project that will lower power bills for homes and businesses. In December 2021, the Australian Energy Regulator granted an extension to The VNI West RIT-T Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) publication date to 31 August 2022. Transgrids recent commitment to the Project Energy Connect enhanced 500 kV investment between Dinawan and Wagga, which has been supported by the Federal Government, the announced earlier closure date of Yallourn Power Station, EnergyAustralias announced Jeeralang Battery in Victoria, Inform stakeholders of the investment need and proposed optionsto address it, Test the market for alternative and more efficient solutions. All networks operators with assets in NSW are subject to at least some provisions of the following instruments: Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2014, Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014. In February 2023, we will also be publishing a consultation report explaining the proposed preferred option from this additional analysis and inviting further feedback through written submissions prior to concluding the RIT-T. We are and will continue to engage with Traditional Owners and stakeholders to facilitate meaningful input, and clearly explain the rationale and benefits of the project. 3 0 obj Having read the AERs grounds for appeal, we think it would be very foolish to write off the chances of the appeal succeeding. <> In response, further analysis is currently being undertaken jointly by AVP and Transgrid to include consideration of alternate VNI West options, connecting to WRL at different points between Mt Prospect and Bulgana, in the next phase of the RIT-T. As part of this additional VNI West RIT-T analysis, we will be consulting with Traditional Owners, communities and local governments in the areas of interest. You can also contact this distributor to request a pole inspection, tree trimming or to receive historic data from your meter. Affected residents groups from the suburbs of Leichhardt,[5] Penshurst[6][7] and East Lindfield[8][9] protested against proposed electricity infrastructure[10] being installed in front of their residential homes without proper consultation or response to complaints by the community. Here are some of the cheapest published deals from the retailers on our database that include a link to the retailers website for further details. Reliability and performance licence conditions - SUPERSEDED, Licence granted to the NSW Electricity Networks Operations Pty Limited, Minister's variation Signed by the Minister on 29 November 2017. Please use our comparison tool for a specific comparison in your area and to see other products in our database that may be available. The AER argues that the Tribunal expressed concerns about the use of estimated econometric data to estimate Ausgrids costs, but made no finding that the estimates were materially inaccurate or unreliable. Transgrid is the manager and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission network in New South Wales and the Australian Capital . <> They help us to ensure electricity is reliably transmitted across NSW and the ACT, and allow us to immediately respond to faulty transmission lines, substations and/or switching stations. The PADR and its attachments, and the July 2022 Project Update, can be accessed below in theResources section. This regulatory process ensures energy users avoid paying more than necessary for electricity through the transition to net zero emissions. It is recommended that you engage with an electrical professional when making your application to assist in picking the right connection design for you. Pollution Incident Response Management Plans, 134 (W) x 164 (Height with standard terminal cover) x 59 (D), 166 (W) x 210 (Height with standard terminal cover) x 74 (D), PRI-Sprint Whole Current PRW Electronic Meter. Central West Orana REZ Mt Piper to Wallerawang Transmission Network Project, Connecting VNI West to Western Renewables Link FAQs, 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report, Project Specification Consultation Report, Report : VNI West PADR market modelling report, Modelling : VNI West PADR RIT-T NPV model, Modelling : VNI West Hydrogen Superpower model, Modelling : VNI West Progressive Change model, VNI West PADR Information Session 1 10 August 2022, Transgrid VNIW Roundtable Report Final June 2022, Victoria New South Wales Interconnector (VNI West), Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T), Preferred option identified for transmission project to share electricity between NSW and Victoria with $687 million in market benefits, Transgrid to help light up the Murray for Moama Lights, Federal funding of $75 million to secure supply and assess energy sharing options between NSW and Victoria. Transgrid conducted a roundtable meeting with key stakeholders on 1 June 2022, providing an overview of the VNI West project and an update on its current status within the RIT-T process. Here is some general information about when you should and should not contact Ausgrid: Bill-payers living on the New South Wales central-east coast can contact Ausgrid for a number of services including electricity connections, projects and maintenance in the area, pricing and tariff information, rooftop solar installations and faulty connections or outages. VNI West will be critical in the development of additional renewable generation in western Victoria and southwestern New South Wales, as the NEM transitions to low-emission generation technologies such as wind and solar. If Ausgrid sold for 1.4X RAB then 50.4% would be worth around $10.7 bn. Our crew are working to safely restore power. Who owns the electricity grid in New South Wales? This means you can have different electricity rates for usage at different times of the day, depending on the tariff you sign up to with your electricity retailer. The ACT instructed the AER to remake its decision and basically guided how this should be done. We translate those revenue differences to ebitda, earnings before interest, tax & depreciation, the prime metric in utility profit estimation as follows: To recap, Ausgrid appealed to the Australian Competition Tribunal[ACT] and the ACT essentially found in favour of Ausgrid on the three major grounds of appeal. As always, check all details of any plan directly with the retailer before making a purchase decision. For example, for the VNI West RIT-T, high-level land planning and environment constraints mapping is being applied to inform the credibility and feasibility of the broad areas of interest under consideration and the potential risks to cost and delivery times. The interconnector upgrade will boost interstate power flows and lower energy bills. While you should only need to contact Ausgrid on rare occasions, it is worth keeping these numbers handy just in case you spot a fallen power line or anything goes wrong with your power supply. Key learnings from previous projects are also informing the development of consultation plans. If you have any questions, comments or need further information, we'd be happy to hear from you. We recognise the vital role that Traditional Owners and stakeholders, including community and landowners, have in the planning and delivery of major transmission infrastructure projects. Tax efficiency is enhanced by significantly overgearing the assets. Fact Checked Since the 1950's, our network has developed to meet the growing needs of energy consumers. The cost of undergrounding is generally much greater compared to overhead lines and would add significantly to a construction timeline. SGC was likely to have paid a higher price than anyone else. Our directors and executive team have a wealth of combined experience across the energy industry. ESCO Pacific on track to achieve 1GW development goal, A unique mix of opportunities and challenges for solar energy, How this Aussie-made technology is smashing the solar ceiling, ACT claims highest home battery density in Australia, as rebate scheme winds up, Jinko Solar unveils second generation Tiger Neo solar panels, Polestar EV battery packs now powering Candela electric hydrofoil boats, Used Tesla listings reach all-time high in Australia as price cuts take effect, Hertz and Uber ramp up electrification efforts in Europe with 25,000 EVs. SKI owns 15% of the consortium. The licence is subject to additional conditions as provided for by the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and the regulations under it. Metering systems located at customer connection points in the network, usually at substations, record the amount of power being transmitted at that point and charge the customer accordingly. The PSCR seeks feedback and advice on the identified need for new transmission infrastructure. SGC owns 19.9% of listed stapled security Ausnet. In essence we think that offshore buyers may pay significantly less tax than Australian buyers. This summary is an aide only, and should not be relied upon by licence holders and other stakeholders as a substitute for thoroughly reading all relevant regulatory instruments. endobj And here we have just one more egregious example of how a financially out-of-control country responds to its massive foreign debt; we just keep converting debt into equity. Unfortunately we cannot provide dimensions for older models installed before 2004 due to the existence of a significant number of legacy models. VNI West is a core component and priority project in the AEMOs 2022 ISP, which confirms the need for short- and longer-term investment to increase the transfer capacity between the states and it will provide a unique opportunity to deliver transmission infrastructure that supports new private sector investment in Clean Energy. Below we have listed some of the cheapest electricity prices in New South Wales on the Ausgrid network. For this reason these meters are also known as flat rate meters. The structures are either steel towers or poles made of steel, concrete or wood. There are three major underlying issues in contention and we not expressing the legal language or points but what we perceive as the underlying common sense issues: At first we didnt think the AER stood much of a chance in the appeal. This means that Ausgrid is the distribution network for households and businesses in Cronulla, Newcastle, the Hunter region, Nelson Bay and parts of Sydney.

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what is the difference between ausgrid and transgrid

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