Pastor Marvin L. Winans Church Sued And Accused Of Forcing Church Donations

Pastor Marvin L. Winans' Perfecting Church in Detroit is being sued by housekeeper LaKaiya Harris in federal court. And she has multiple issues with the Winans family church.

While her annual salary was $18,000, Perfecting Church did provide housing for $500 per month. However, she had to pay for her utilities and a $250 burglar alarm and accuses the church of "unfairly profiting from her employment."

According to WDIV:

“The church is accused of deducting annual 'kitchen dues' for using a church kitchen and ordered kickback wages, essentially requiring employees to contribute money to gifts for church supervisors.”

Because of her monthly costs and low salary, LaKaiya didn't have extra money, and was not able to tithe. As a result, she claims this led to Pastor Winans ending her employment.

Watch the video above to get more details about this lawsuit against Pastor Winans.

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