José Hernandez is Not Pregnant
José Hernandez is Not Pregnant

A source close to reality TV stars Joseline “Jose” Hernandez and Stevie J reached out to this morning to say Joseline is not pregnant.

Did anyone really believe Joseline was pregnant?

The source said Joseline, search Stevie J, store and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta producer Mona Scott-Young manufactured the pregnancy hoax to keep the reality stars relevant.

Joseline showed up to ATL Live On the Park event dressed in very unmaternal attire. In one photo, Stevie J and singer Johnny Gill covered Joseline’s abdomen with their hands in the universal sign for pregnancy. But her tummy is as flat as a pancake.

It isn’t unusual for reality TV personalities to fake pregnancies, relationships, marriages, and fights for TV ratings. But it is unusual for a man to be pregnant.

The debate over whether Joseline was born a boy or girl will continue to rage on until he or she produces a birth certificate that proves otherwise.

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