Pastor John Gray Reacts To Harsh Criticism After Buying His Wife A $200K Lamborghini [VIDEO]
Pastor John Gray Reacts To Harsh Criticism After Buying His Wife A $200K Lamborghini [VIDEO]

Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer Gray reached 8 years of marriage on December 11th and shared some photos before their lavish celebration on social media. Word got out that Pastor Gray’s 8-year anniversary gift to his wife was a Lamborghini that cost $200K, and the saints had a lot to say.


Apparently, people seem to think Pastor Gray must have used church funds for such an expensive anniversary gift that’s not even on a milestone year. The backlash at the Grays was swift and fierce, and it criticism was so intense, that both Grays went on social media to respond to the very negative comments.

First Lady Gray went in…

Pastor Gray went on Facebook Live and said a whole lot. Here are some of the highlights…

“It wasn’t a pastor that bought the car — it was a husband that bought the car. Get that in your spirit. I’m a husband first. Don’t confuse what I do with who I am. What I do is I pastor God’s people. Who I am is a husband and a father, and I’ll do anything to honor them.”

Here’s the whole video of Pastor John Gray addressing his critics…

Are people being too hard on the Grays, or do they deserved to be criticized? Here are more pictures of the very happy and very rich couple…

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8 is the number of New beginnings. Last night @grayceeme and I celebrated what was and what shall be. Tell em babe… About last night… #graysr8… I thank God for the royal display that came from the epic imagination of Michelle Gainey @lemiga for Planning + Design + Day of Coordination/Management. She had every single detail covered and exactly what I wanted as well as things that I didn’t know how to articulate at all, she literally provided perfection with a team of elegant and quickly turning around, might I add, vendors. The floral by @cwaymandesign, the most beautiful tones and shades! The stationery by @paperedwonders was Unbelievable quality and regal and my God these photos, by @milanesphotography. We have only seen a portion of them with all of the ones posted here coming from her…THE BEST IN LIFE CAPTURES PERIOD! @realjohngray and I Thank you all for bringing the best to our Vow Renewal last evening! These treasures will be forever remembered and cherished! We can’t wait to utilize your expertise again however and whenever! THANK YOU! #swipeleft

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