Is Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife in Jail??
Is Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife in Jail??

Mary Vaughn Harvey, sick the ex-wife of comedian/relationship guru Steve Harvey posed for the mugshot above after being arrested in Collin County, purchase Texas last Thursday (December 19, site 2013).

The former wife of the entertainer was promptly incarcerated after a judge found her in contempt of court on a gag order in place regarding her bitter custody battle with Steve Harvey.

The civil matter is the latest in the couple’s legal fight, which has gone on for several years. Their marriage in the spotlight of Harvey’s career spanned 16 years, but ended in divorce in 2005.

That divorce case is sealed and under a gag order but that has never stopped Mary from speaking on it.

Vaughn is now serving 30 days behind bars, but is STILL talking. In fact, she did an interview LIVE from her jail cell just a day after being locked up.

Vaughn spoke from her jail cell to Dallas news station FoxDFW, stating:

“I didn’t violate any court orders,” said Vaughn. “This is about ‘You’re not supposed to be talking to anybody about your divorce.’ That’s what they’re saying. I’m like, this is America.”

Vaughn says she showed up at court without an attorney because she can’t afford one, adding that Harvey was in court with a legal team and an entourage.

“I was not expecting a four hour long hearing without an attorney,” she said.

“Am I angry? Yes,” said Vaughn. “I missed six years of my son’s life and I can’t get those years back.”

“I’m just a mother who wants to have access to my son without interference,” she said. “I’m tired of getting pulled down to McKinney courthouse every time I say ‘Boo.’ I’m not going to be silenced.”

Mary Lee Vaughn Harvey Mugshot December 2013

Vaughn will spend both Christmas & New Years in jail.  Her scheduled release date isn’t until Jan 17.

Harvey has custody of the couple’s teenage son. FOX 4 contacted Harvey’s attorney for a response, who released the following statement:

“Please be advised that the Law Offices of Bobbie Edmonds represents. Mr. Steve Harvey, in the legal matter which has arisen from another episode of YouTube releases, which contain false, misleading, derogatory, defamatory, disparaging and malicious information about Mr. Harvey, his wife, and children by his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn Woolridge. (current married name) and formerly known as Mary L. Harvey, individually, and through her agent, representative and co-conspirator, Essie Berry aka EssieRerunBerry aka Essie Rerun Berry! aka Essie Nickerson aka Essie Jackson aka Essie Alexander. We filed another Motion for Contempt and Enforcement against Mary Vaughn Woolridge for the recent social media smear campaign and slanderous 2008 child abuse allegations against Mr.Harvey, among other violations of the prior gag order and permanent injunctions issued in 2008, 2011 and early 2013.

Further, since this matter has been under seal for legitimate reasons, Judge Tucker authorized Mr. Harvey and his attorney. Bobbie Edmonds, to provide limited disclosure of information to refute the false, misleading, derogatory, defamatory, disparaging and malicious statements published by Mary Vaughn Woolridge, her agent, assign and co-conspirator, Essie Berry aka EssieRerunBerry aka Essie Rerun Berry] aka Essie Nickerson aka Essie Jackson aka Essie Alexander through his lawyer, Bobbie Edmonds, in response to the recent negative publicity, false, misleading, derogatory, disparaging defamatory and slanderous information and statements made about Mr. Harvey, his current wife, family and others. The gag order and all prior permanent injunctions remain in full force and effect. This file remains sealed.

We obtained injunctive relief from Judge Tucker in McKinney. Texas. Subsequently, the Judge found her in contempt of court. Mr. Harvey only sought relief, and the Judge determined the appropriate relief, in part. to wit:

.”7.19 The Court further finds that Respondent, MARY LEE SHACKLEFORD aka MARY

LEE SHACKLEFORD H. WOOLRIDGE has failed to comply with and has violated the

provisions of the February 25, 2008 Order, November 11. 2011 and the February 21 2013…”

…”82 The Court finds that Respondent, MARY LEE SHACKLEFORD aka MARY LEE

SHACKLEFORD H. WOOLRIDGE has illustrated a history and pattern of disregarding the

Orders of this Court and continues to violate the Orders by intentionally releasing documents in

this case which are under seal, either directly or indirectly through third parties, intentionally

releasing false, misleading,, defamatory and making disparaging statements and displaying

court documents about Movant, BRODERICK S. HARVEY…






As to the old 2008 allegations of child abuse, the matter was fully investigated by the appropriate individuals with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and the mother. MaryVaughn Woolridge. father, Steve Harvey and other essential people were interviewed. The CPS results stated in part, …”Based on the information obtained, the child does not appear to be at risk…the case is closed without further investigation…” Mrs. Woolridge was fully aware and informed of the results of the CPS Investigation.”

Mary is STILL talking so that gag order clearly isn’t doing any good. Whatever the case, Steve Harvey has locked up the mother of his children for speaking about their relationship.  Can you imagine the Harvey’s family Christmas conversations surrounding all of this drama?


Act Like A Lady, Think Like an Inmate??

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  1. January 13, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Steve Harvey is a low life to put his kid mother in jail for telling the truth ,I can never respect a dude who is so disrespectful, I really would like to know why are his divorce records sealed, It is clear Steve Harvey is hiding something, He is will to throw any body up under the bus to shut them up, How do he think he can keep putting GAG orders on people first his wife Mary, Now a Civil Rights Activist,, I say the media need to take a closer look at what Steve Harvey is trying to hide, He can say what he want through the media but he wants every body else to shut up, You can tell Steve is worried about someone finding out the truth about him, I listen to Mary on some video she is telling the truth about Steve Harvey dishonest self, I also looked up Essie Berry the Civil Rights Activist and the widow of Fred Rerun Berry, She is very intelligent and very strong minded women, I sure would like to know what She found out about Steve Harvey, How about letting Essie Berry civil rights activist speak out, I bet she will put a nail in his Coffin. I like that she has been most respectable and not said anything that is what make me know Steve Harvey is guilty and the Essie berry know something, He keep trying to lie to the media, He is going to tell on his self, LOL I can not wait till he go down, He is the Devil and pure evil, I hope Mrs Berry speak out and eat his tired no good low down wanna be A$$ up

  2. January 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I agree with you James Steve Harvey has something he do not want the world to know, I hate Mary had to go through what she went through and put in Jail, I also look up some of the case about Steve, what Mary had to say. Mary Harvey seem to be telling the truth. Also the civil rights activist Essie Berry he better pray that she do not come after him for trying to defame her, He really look stupid trying to sue her and to GAG a activist, I do not believe any thing His Lawyer Bobbie Edmonds had to say about Essie Berry ,Bobbie and Steve seem fake as a 2 dollar bill, Her and Steve Harvey seem like there scared of this lady Mrs. Berry. Maybe Mrs. berry will speak out soon and tell every thing she know about Steve Harvey. I might try and find her, I know some media who would love to talk and get Mrs. Berry side of the story. My hat go out to Essie Berry she will always stand for justice from what I see, It has been a long time that I have seen such a powerful and noble person standing for justice, Essie Berry took on a whole Marine base and won a case, I read that in a blog, She is what our world need a positive voice to be heard, Not someone who is scared. Get that A$$ Essie Berry Civil Right Activist, I hope Steve Harvey go down, He seem to be a liar period.

  3. January 14, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Steve Harvey is a sad excuse for a man, I have been following this whole story since it broke, But I am a big fan of Essie Berry Civil Rights Activist, I have seen her first hand and in action and read a lot of cases and watch a lot of her video. I would be the first to say yes Steve Harvey is a Liar and I do not believe anything he said about Mrs. Berry she is a true Activist and I have never seen someone in our generation today that stand up and will fight to the bitter end, Mrs. Berry has a spirit that I have never seen before, I have seen it in past Civil Rights Leaders, From Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Mrs. Berry are all this people into one. So Steve need to sit his A$$ down and stop lying. If you do your research on Mrs.Berry you will know the truth, Steve Harvey has done Mary Harvey wrong no matter what he is a coward to try and shut her up. I think he need to be Investigated to see Mary Harvey allegation are true or false. I feel we will find more that is true than a lie/

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