Gary With Da Tea’s Problem With Big Butts That Were Bought [VIDEO]

Big butts were talked about on a recent episode of “Dish Nation,” and Gary With Da Tea weighed in very passionately.

The whole butt situation with women, especially African American women it really disturbs me. Because my thing is I feel that Black women have to reintroduce to the world that y’all had big butts. Y’all always had big butts.

Then when they started buying them and the Kardashians started wearing them, and they tricked y’all and thought they were doing exercises and stuff, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, they got big butts?’ No they didn’t–they bought that.

Do you agree with Gary, or do you think he’s just over the Kardashians bought butts and endless pursuit of Black men? Take a look at the video above from “Dish Nation.”

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