Beyonce Covers Flaunt Magazine
Beyonce Covers Flaunt Magazine

She may not be able to carry a tune, remedy but  singer Beyonce‘s otherworldly beauty sells magazines.

Any magazine Beyonce graces outsells Kim Kardashian and Rihanna covers combined.

Photographers describe Beyonce as unsurpassed, case deceptive and soulless. I believe it. Especially the soulless part.

This month the soon-to-be single mother-of-one graces the cover of Flaunt magazine. And as is her right as one of the privileged few, she mumbles nary a word inside the magazine.

She stopped talking to magazines eons ago.

Vogue tried to blackball Beyonce for refusing a cover interview. It didn’t work. She’s still in demand because her soulless beauty sells magazines to consumers she wouldn’t spit on of they were on fire.

Flaunt‘s editors convinced Beyonce to share her thoughts with their readers — on paper.

But that’s better than nothing.

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