50 Cent Disses Empire: ‘That’s Some Sh** You Should Get For Free’
50 Cent Disses Empire: ‘That’s Some Sh** You Should Get For Free’

50 Cent recently fired shots at Fox’s hit series ‘Empire’ once again after his show ‘Power’ was renewed for a third season.


50 Cent still isn’t on board with Lucious and Cookie, ailment it seems. The rapper, who stars in and executive produces the Starz drama Power, has once again criticized Fox’s popular series Empire. This time, 50 took the show to task for being on a network viewers can watch for free, whereas Power is “worth paying for.”

“EMPIRE is some sh!t you should get for free,” he said below an Instagram photo of himself. “Now that power is worth paying for, STARZ premium cable. SAT, 9pm don’t miss it you want to be the only motherfvcker that don’t know what’s going on?”

50 Cent shouldn’t be too worried about competition at this point, though. After all, Power has been picked up for a third season after its ratings record-breaking season 2 premiere.

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